Monday, June 26, 2006

When the mice are away...

the cat relaxes.

Hence, the dearth of blog entries last week.

My Music Man took our lovely munchkins camping with his parents last week, and I had a mother's (and writer's dream): the house entirely to myself for several days. Just me and the dog. We were bacheloretting it.

I had grandiose plans for accomplishing so very much while they were gone. (Heh heh heh.)

I'd write every day. I'd make myself lovely lunches, with a glass of wine if I wanted it. I'd take myself out to dinner at least once or twice. I'd work on my scrapbook. I'd read, read, read. I'd sleep in if I wanted to. I'd stay up late and watch chick flicks if I desired.

Well, I did a little of all of that...but not nearly enough of any of it. Where did the time go?

So now everything's back to normal--and I'm glad for it. But I'm still wondering where that week went, and just exactly what I did during it.


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