Monday, January 02, 2006

Getting off our duffs

We had a lovely holiday season--relaxing, fun, not-too-stressful. I couldn't have wished for a better one, except, perhaps, that our white Thanksgiving hadn't given way to a green Christmas.

But by the time New Year's Day rolls around, we're tired of breathing the same air, being off-schedule, and lazy. There's a time for it, and we took it...but last night I decided it was time we took the new year by the horns and got off our duffs.

At six pm, my dh and I saddled up the kids (and dog) in their outer gear, allowed the littlest to carry a flashlight, and we all went for a "night hike." The kids couldn't have been happier!

Our "hike" consisted of walking up the street (up and around the hill that leads to the interior of our sub) in the darkness (six pm in Michigan is dark!) to a small park. The air was crisp and clean and cold and it felt so good!

There was just enough snow at the park for us to recognize rabbit, deer, bird, and dog tracks. My son tried to fool me by pointing to small round holes in the snow, right in line with his own footprints...but I foiled him by identifying the round holes as his walking stick. (Moms are much too smart!)

It was lovely, and a wonderful way to start the new year. I hope we end it in the same way: enjoying being together in the fresh and cool air.

Happy 2006 and many blessings to all of my friends and family!


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