Monday, April 10, 2006

Wicked Ways...

Let's give it up for another native Michigander's new book...

The Viscount’s Wicked Ways by
Anne Mallory


What Others Are Saying:
"I found the THE VISCOUNT’S WICKED WAYS to be as charming and irresistible as the viscount himself! Anne Mallory gives classic romance a fresh and delightful spin with her clever plots and winning imagination."

-Teresa Medeiros, author of After Midnight


The footsteps neared, then stopped. Patience closed her eyes, praying for deliverance. The pendulum of the longcase clock swung in measure with her racing heart. Time seemed suspended. Eventually, the person moved on, and she exhaled the breath she had been holding.

A hand shot out and grasped her arm, pulling her against a hard body.

“And what do we have here?”

Nerves gripped her as she recognized the viscount’s voice. “I was just picking up a book. I couldn’t sleep.”

“It’s late to be out. People could get the wrong impression.” His breath tickled her neck and she involuntarily moved back against him. “Or have the wrong intentions.”

Her muscles tightened. She stepped away and twisted to face him. “That they could. You should heed your own advice, my lord.”

She was pleased to note that her voice was cool and calm, in direct contrast to the rest of her body.

The viscount let go of her and leaned negligently against the doorframe. “And why would I do that? Of what do I need to heed?” He leaned forward, his lips inches from hers. “This is my domain, and I can take what I want.”

She forced herself to remain still, not wanting to give an inch.

His expression was both smirking and triumphant, and it was mixed with something she couldn’t identify. “I have never claimed Patience, perhaps I should work on that besetting sin.” And the last inch of space between them was lost.


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