Friday, March 31, 2006

My entry is up!

My brilliant friend and author, Diana Peterfreund, has just posted my entry in The Great Blog Voice Experiment.

As you might recall, I mentioned earlier in the week that Diana had the idea of getting twelve authors--none of whom knew who else was participating--to write a scene based on a single, simple idea:
A young woman confronts her parents after learning she has inherited telekinetic powers.
So we each wrote a short scene, and Diana's been posting them in pairs all week. It's very interesting to see how the scenes "paired" up--so many of the same elements, yet all very different.

Mine is coupled with Nalini Singh's, and ours are probably the most different than the others--at least on a superficial basis.

Head on over and take a look. There's a great discussion going on, too, about voice and style.

And later...back to the recap of the Great Paris Research Trip.


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