Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Sexiest Song

There are millions of songs about love, desire, broken hearts and unrequited love. I've seen lists compiled by others (ie, "people in the know") and made my own lists (and mix CDs) of romantic or sexy songs.

Some of my favorites are well-known; some aren't. But I've recently decided that my all-time favorite Sexy Song is Everybody Here Wants You by Jeff Buckley.

(From his unfortunately posthumous album "Letters from My Sweetheart the Drunk.")

It's not just the lyrics; though they are beautiful...
Twenty-nine pearls in your kiss
A singing smile
Coffee smell and lilac skin
Your flame in me
...but the music itself, which starts off low and mellow, like foreplay, and rises into a maelstrom of emotion like a gentle orgasm. The music alone paints the image perfectly; the words just add the layers of emotions and sensuality.

Someday, I'll write a scene for that song. When I have the right man and woman and setting.

Buckley is (was) an extraordinary musician and singer. His debut album, Grace, brings me to tears, especially his version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.

And since we're on the topic of "bests," Lover, You Should Have Come Over, from the same album, takes my vote for The Angstiest Song.

How's this for poetry and imagery?
It’s never kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder
It’s never over...all my riches for her smiles when I slept so soft against her
It’s never over...all my blood for the sweetness of her laughter
It’s never over...she’s the tear that hangs inside my soul forever
When asked, I've described Buckley's music as operatic rock. His voice has amazing range, crooning one moment, smooth as ice, warm as velvet...and hard and passionate the next.

Grace is definitely one album I'd take to a desert island with me.

So what are your favorite "Sexiest" and "Angstiest" Songs? How about your favorite love song, period?

My favorite love song, period, is by Queen: You Take My Breath Away.
Look into my eyes and you’ll see I’m the only one
You’ve captured my love stolen my heart
Changed my life

Every time you make a move you destroy my mind
And the way you touch
I lose control and shiver deep inside
You take my breath away

Or maybe it's Thank You, by Led Zep.
If the sun refused to shine,
I would still be loving you.
When mountains crumble to the sea,
There will still be you and me.

Kind woman, I give you my all,
Kind woman, nothing more.
Little drops of rain whisper of the pain,
Tears of loves lost in the days gone by.

My love is strong, with you there is no wrong,
Together we shall go until we die.
My, my, my, an inspiration is what you are to me,
Inspiration, look see.

And so today, my world it smiles,

Your hand in mine, we walk the miles,
Thanks to you it will be done,
For you to me are the only one.
Happiness, no more be sad,
Happiness....I’m glad.
Hmmm....I guess I could go on forever. Sting. U2. ALW's Phantom of the Opera. Barry Manilow.

(just kidding)

But I still stand by my votes for Sexiest Song and Angstiest Song. What are yours?

The Sexiest Singer. Ever.


Blogger MaryF soliloquized...

"Black" by Pearl Jam. The opening is a seduction. OMG. "One" by U2. "Point of No Return" from Phantom.

Monday, August 15, 2005 7:28:00 AM  
Blogger Trish Milburn soliloquized...

I like "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin and "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak (that video definitely helps).

Monday, August 15, 2005 11:42:00 AM  
Blogger Colleen Gleason soliloquized...

Okay, I see what you mean about "Black," Mary. I knew the song, but not well, and didn't know its name. Wooh.

And you and Trish will be glad to know that I have all four of your other nominations on my writing mellow music mix CD. :-)

How about "Come Undone" by Duran Duran?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 10:46:00 PM  

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