Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wet Noodle Posse February edition

Here's a preview of our February edition at Wet Noodle (teasers written by Kiki Clark):

The Noodlers eat, drink, sleep and write love. Love that makes you blush and smile shyly, love that makes your naughty bits tingle and throb, love that makes you see God and become a better person. So in this month of amour, we invite you to slide the ribbon off a box of bon bons, don your favorite peignoir, curl up with that favorite man or manuscript, and wallow in this most pink and rosy of emotions.

“The path of love never did run smooth,” at least not if Bridget Stuart had anything to say about it. Ten Tips for Valentine Vixenry is guaranteed to make your significant other stop taking you for granted and start taking you for a hellion. Irreverent fun for the bad girl in all of us.

You’ve had it at least once in your life. It might have involved chocolate or whipped cream. There may have been liqueur involved. That’s right, we’re talking about a dessert that was better than sex. Misses Payne, Hardegree, and McKenzie present three recipes that will heat up the kitchen and put a flush on your cheeks.

We’ve all heard that money can’t buy you love, unless you’re in Nevada. But let’s say you want to go to Sin City and not sin. Luckily for you, Lee McKenzie has mapped out a half-day road trip of fabulous activities in the Las Vegas area. Cute burros, amazing geology, and beautiful desert flora. Now is a great time to go.

You’re probably familiar with Delle Jacobs from her fabulous series of British travel articles, where she took us back in time to castles, Stonehenge, and Bath. What you may not know is that she is the only three-time winner of RWA’s prestigious Golden Heart award. Get to know this witty writer, artist, and historian.

History is full of loving correspondents: Abelard to Heloise, Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Robert Browning, Vincent Van Gogh to his plastic surgeon. And you can bet they all put those billets doux in some kind of purty box. Make your own keepsake container with Kiki Clark’s step-by-step instructions for a collaged love-letter box.

Consider writing a love letter to yourself. If January saw you making a resolution to keep your thinking positive, Dr. Debra provides you with her favorite self-help books, along with ways to use them. Boost your creativity and self-esteem and you’ll find you’re more beloved than ever.

You might know how to plant a great kiss on a person, but how about planting it on the page? Mary Fechter has the Keys to Writing a Great Kiss. Yes, emotion and anticipation are important, but Mary points out a few elements of passion that may surprise you. Locale? Position? Ooh la la!

“You're the kind of woman who needs to be kissed often, by a man who knows how." Looking for a rogue to thrill you? Take a look at the Noodlers Top Ten favorite lines from book and movie heroes. Oh, yeah. These men know what we like.

This month’s SuperHeroine column is in memory of one of our own beloved Noodlers. MaryAnne Cappelluti was always cheerful and heroic in the face of an ultimately fatal illness. Diane Perkins remembers a woman we all loved and now miss.

Before it claimed MaryAnne, Nurse Janice Lynn had barely heard of scleroderma, but she decided to research this rare collection of interrelating diseases, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. What she learned made her more admiring of our friend than ever.


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